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Maria Mick's Imp. Ken 1990-2004
Warren Mick's Glen 1998-2009
Lynn Deschambeault's Imp. Chip
Kevin Evans' ##Mirk
Header photo: Warren Mick's Glen, 2003 Kingston Sheepdog Trials Double Lift Champion (Photo byTTL)
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At Creekside, we strive to find good breeding matches for every litter we produce. Breeding two dogs together just because they are both Border Collies does not a good puppy make! Breeding mediocre to mediocre will also do nothing for the breed. When we select mates for our dogs, we look for a good temperament, outstanding working talent, health, soundness and biddability. We try to keep up to date with the bloodlines of dogs we like so we can be sure we are introducing proven pedigrees into our own lines. We also try to not focus on one specific trait, but rather the whole dog and how he will compliment the chosen mate. So far, we have been pretty lucky with our choices!
Registration: ABC 66603 Pedigree (11 x 17 pdf)
Appearance: Black tri, smooth coat
Health Clearances: Hips OFA, Eyes clear
Bred by: D.I. Owen, Wales
Sire: #Rock ISDS 162204, D.I. Owen, Wales
Dam: Juno ISDS 183246, D.I. Owen, Wales
Competitive stats: 11th overall in qualifying for Welsh National Team (D.I Owen). Competed in Open level USBCHA sheepdog trials. Won many trials across the North America from Texas to Canada for several handlers.

Creekside Litters Sired: 2000 out of Jess
Maria Mick's Ken was a tremendous worker, getting the job done when others failed. His personality was very serious yet friendly with people and other dogs. Scroll down to open the Photo Gallery
Registration: ABC 13698, CBCA 474
Pedigree (Opens in 11 x 17 pdf)
Appearance: Black tri, rough coat
Health Clearances: Hips OFA, Eyes clear, CEA DNA Normal
Bred by: Mike Canaday, Altamont, NY
Sire: @Nap ABC 54736 (Son of Berhow's *Nick - 3x USBCHA Nat'l Champion)
Dam: @Tip ABC 68869 (back to T. Longton's ##Bess)
Competitive details: Top 20 USBCHA 2001 USBCHA Nursery Finals (13th place). 2002 USBCHA "Rookie of the Year" (7th place); Kingston SDT Double Lift Champion 2003, NEBCA Supreme Champion 2003.

Creekside Litters Sired: 2004 out of Pat; 2006 out of Pat
Warren's successful partner Glen was a serious minded and stylish worker with a nice balance of eye and push. By age 11, he had placed in over 150 open trials, winning many including the prestigious Kingston Double Lift. He was devoted to Warren but friendly towards other people and didn't pay too much attention to other dogs. Scroll down to open the Photo Gallery
DOB: March 4, 2003
Registration: ABC 2250601 Pedigree (11 x 17 pdf)
Appearance: Black tri, rough coat
Health Clearances: Hips OFA & Cornell, CEA DNA Normal, Eyes clear (December 2009)

Bred by: John Harvey, Wale
Sire: Aled Owen's ##Bob
Dam: John Harvey's Mist (Butcher's Mac gg granddaughter)
Competitive stats: Open Trial Winner (USBCHA), 2007 National Finals Qualifier & Competitor.

Creekside Litters Sired: 2008 out of Tap; 2010 out of Tap
Chip has a wonderful, happy personality and works with ethic and joy. He has a lovely pace and will walk right in on most anything. Scroll down to open the Photo Gallery
DOB: April 14, 2010
Registration: ABCA 370411; CBCA 9818 Pedigree
Appearance: Black and white, rough coat
Health Clearances: CEA DNA Normal, Eyes clear (2014), Hips Good (Cornell), Cardiac Normal/Clear.
Bred by: T. O'Sullivan, Eire (Ireland)
Sire: Rex ISDS 240520 (lines of Templeton's Spot, J Chamberlane's Highgate Nell (Eng. Team), Tim Flood's #Pip)
Dam: Jan ISDS 270799 (lines: #Dundedin Gem, Irish Team, 3 x Finalist at International, Irish Dog of the Year 2002)
Competitive stats: USBCHA Open trial winner, 2012, 2013 & 2014 National Finals Qualifier. 2014 Bluegrass Classic Finalist.
Creekside Litters: 2014 out of Gem
Mirk is a direct worker with tremendous balance and scopey outrun. His temperament is open and friendly towards people and dogs. Scroll down to open the Photo Gallery
DOB: July 21, 2004
Registration: ISDS 272009 Pedigree (11 x 17 pdf)
Appearance: Black and white, smooth coat
Health Clearances: CEA DNA Normal, Eyes clear (annual), Not officially hip scored.
Bred by: L. Myatt, Wales
Sire: Kevin's Jaff ISDS 231424
Dam: Kemi Gypsy 262209
Competitive stats: 2009 Welsh Team, 2008 International Supreme Champion; 2008 Finalist (along with litter brother, Spot) at the 2008 World Sheepdog Trial. 2008 Welsh National - 4th. 2007 Welsh National - 3rd. (Welsh Team 2007 & 2008).
Creekside Litters Sired: 2008 out of Tap
Taff is a very biddable, very natural worker with both pace and push. He wants to please but will take pressure without a meltdown. Light, heavy and confrontational sheep all respond quiety yet unquestionably to Taff's calm authority. He delights judges from both sides of the pond with his all business way with sheep. Taff has a solid, unflappable temperament, is good with dogs and people, and is very loyal. He has a lovely, well-balanced structure, with good front and rear angulation and overall strength. Scroll down to open the Photo Gallery.